Today didn’t quite as planned…

Grrr… Today should have been a really good day. I didn’t have anything planned other than driving to have acupuncture in Farnham then pranic healing in Langley.

Being ever conscientious I ensured I had plenty of time in-between appointments to ensure I would get there in time just in case of accidents and tailbacks, especially with this crazy wet weather we have been having. I did perhaps over cook it by leaving two hours in between appointments but I figured I could go and have lunch or sit in my car and catch up on some admin and homework.

I had a lovely acupuncture appointment which then followed by great traffic and plenty of time to kill before my 2.15pm appointment. At 1.30pm I get a text to say that my appointment was to be postponed to 3pm. I have to admit I don’t respond well to stuff like this. I plan my days and I had to be home by 4.30pm. But I figured as I had travelled that far I would wait. I waited until 3.10pm and still no sign of the therapist. Now I hate moaning and I am sure there is a good reason for the delay… but I am just letting off steam. I’m home now and happy but I won’t get those three hours back plus I could have really done with the treatment as I start day 8 of my chemo cycle tomorrow.

I have been getting a lot of response about the GcMAF treatment from a few of my followers and have been avidly reading. It does seem promising in many respects and that it could work potentially very well with DC therapy.

Essentially GcMAF is a protein in our immune system that activates macrophages (white blood cells that eat cancer cells).   But viruses and malignant cells like cancer send out an enzyme called Nagalase that blocks production of your GcMAF.

Prof Harris said yesterday that if GcMAF was that good that it would have been distributed globally much like Herceptin which has made over 5 billion pounds! It clearly isn’t that good. But it does make me wonder is it because it is a simple vaccine immune boosting thing and it is only now that they are coming into favour? He said that I had something very similar to GcMAF when I had chemo a few years ago. They supplied me with injections that I gave myself daily to raise my white blood cell count. He said that GcMAF is essentially what that is. He also mentioned that Goliec which is another GcMAF offering is simply from Olive oil and that it would be best to get it from our nutrition. This made me smile. A doctor telling me about nutrition when they have always shied away from it?!

Anyway on reading through blogs and research it isn’t as simple as that. If you would like a firsthand view on GcMAF then click on this blog here;


Pete saw this online and it really sums up the last year for Triple Negative Breast canSer research in the eyes of a fellow blogger and author of Surviving Triple Negative Breast Cancer;

Hopefully now Ihave had some green juice, green tea and am making a homemade parsnip soup I will be able to reflect on today and look at the positives. Hey ho!


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