Today I tried out… pranic healing

I have had a day of me stuff today. I know it seems that every day is a ‘me’ day but I really got cracking with therapies for myself. I started the usual way although I was awake at 4.30am.

Sleep isn’t great for Pete lately and it goes to show how hard it is for loved ones living with canSer survivor. They worry about money, the future and losing the love of their lives. I feel terrible knowing how much it affects those that are close to me, most of all Pete. I only wish I could tell him that it’s all going to be ok. The treatment is Germany in expensive and money doesn’t grow on trees. There is always a fear that one day we won’t be able to afford to go and then that leaves us limited as to what we can do. It really is life and death.

Back to my day. Once Pete went to work at 5.30am! I thought as I didn’t have clients that I would try to sleep. Typical, the day I don’t have to get up I can’t go back to sleep. I did however laze with the cat sat firmly on my chest.

After my rituals and morning juice I decided to do a coffee enema to give myself a boost and a sense of clarity. I don’t get a head rush anymore after having one. I just feel really cleansed. Following that I used the neti pot to clear my sinuses and get a sparkle in my eyes. I felt really good.

The weather was atrocious last night but thankfully by midday today the sun had come out and it’s been glorious. It was a good sign as I had a drive to a new therapist today. I was recommended by a friend of a friend to try out pranic healing. I hadn’t heard of this before but was intrigued as the therapy involved working on the chakras and getting them balanced. That is all I knew about it.

On arriving at the address I thought to myself it looked unlike a therapist clinic but I have seen worse and to be honest I am not surprised by anything anymore. On meeting Les, the pranic healer I immediately warmed to him. He was very calming. He proceeded to explain how pranic healing worked. It is based on all the chakras and the energy of a person. Not just the common chakras we know but all of them including the front, back and in the hands and fingers too. Using a laser crystal wand he would work on my chakras by eliminating negative energy but also give good energy and try to heal areas. He showed me a book that explained the chakras and what they look like for someone with cancer. All of the lower chakras are enlarged and out of balance and the heart and third eye chakra are tiny. The aim is to reverse this. Once reversed the body will be healed. Pranic healing is not only for the physical being but emotional and mental health. The treatment doesn’t have any hands on so can be very odd to anyone that is pessimistic and a non believer. I stood in his room whilst he ‘worked’ on my energy and I have to admit I did have some odd sensations. I had a tugging on my lower back and a pressure on my chest below my throat, which did subside.

Les asked me about my jewellery. He said that crystals magnify negative energy in the imbalanced chakras and that included diamonds. As I am wearing diamonds he urged me to remove them whilst trying to heal. I explained to him that I have crystals everywhere at home especially around my mediation station.  He said to wrap them in silk and put them away until I am better. He isn’t allowed to state he can heal people but he has treated many people with canSer. I believe.

Not only does he treat people but he is the only UK teacher. He has an interesting past as isn’t your usual type of therapist coming from an engineering background.

We didn’t have a lengthy consultation so I only briefly told him that I had canSer and where it had spread to. Whilst treating me he said that he felt my energy was stronger and more out of balance in one area of my lungs- the top right hand side. I was surprised he said this as this is where there are supposedly two tumours. I was starting to think this guy really knows his stuff.

I guess he must be good as he is so difficult to book. I have a few more appointments but hope to ensure that I get more in the forthcoming months. As for me I am going to be taking my jewellery off and hiding all my crystals for now. Let’s see if I can heal quicker?!

Tonight he said that I may have some sensations in my lungs as he had been working on the tumours. He also said not to shower or bath. I guess my Epsom salt bath will need to wait until tomorrow.

I am really pleased I made the effort to go today. I had been pondering as to whether it would be beneficial to me but the way I feel now about it. It was the right decision to make.

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