Travel Insurance for advanced canSer… Hmmmmm! I don’t want to be insured for canSer- just losing my luggage!

Been up since 5.30am. Had a great sleep but we let the kitty sleep with us as she has been so ultra cute, hence why we have been up since before dawn.

Been off to have my nails done today. They have actually gronw successfully ovber hte last few months and I don;t look a complete state any more. I’m so pleased at the speed at which they have recovered.

I’ve also driven down to Poole this afternoon to stay at my mums overnight. I hate staying apart from Pete but I do love to have some mummy time. Apparently she has got lots of vegetables in for me tonight! Ha ha! I’m down here to spend the day with my friend toomorrow who is a life and business coach who suggested working with me for a day. She uses certain techniques to release old emotions and move on amongst other things. I’ll know more tomorrow…..

Today I received an email to renew my travel insurance. I have been using a compnay who covers people with canSer but it seems that now I am classed as more advanced and terminally ill that company will no longer cover me. I don’t want insurance to cover canSer I want it incase I have my things stolen, have lost luggage, if I break something whilst skiing etc.. I have done a bit of research in the short time I had today and it seems Cancer Research and Macmillan feature quite a companies on their websites. Some are detailed as insuring for canSer which has cleared after three months¬† and so on. My issue is that I want annual multi trip insurance too which does seem it could be an impossiblity. I have to make some phone calls to find out so once I know I will put it all on the website. A discussion has been started on the forum on this website too so if anyone has any information that they would like to share please do let us know.

Mentioning the forum I would like to urge anyone to start and participate on the discussions. The key to this website is that we would like learn as much as possible in order to share it with others. I don;t have the answers but others may have been in the same position or know someone that has. All feedback is greatly appreciated. Our website not only helps others Triple Negative Breast Canser survivors but anyone with any kind of canSer and anyone that wants to make positive life changes and prevent canSer and any disease for that matter.

I’m hoping to have a skype meeting with Dr Kate James in a mo so best sign off. I’m looking forward to tomorrow although I feel it may be a tad emotional. Hankies at the ready!

Night Bear.. Missing you already. XX

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