Treatment number 4- Day one

We arrived in Duderstadt around lunchtime after a lazy weekend in Cologne. The weather is getting colder and feels like snow is on its’ way. Before my appointment at Dr Nesselhuts’ clinic we wandered around the little boutique stores and purchased our first Christmas presents. I’ve made a decision not to feel so pressured in the whole Christmas prep this year and to ‘go with flow’. It’s actually really satisfying buying things without a list and with love rather out of a need and urgency. I like it…..

Cindy treated me today. I find it hard to stay awake having the heat and air treatment these days but I did notice the intensity of the heat being increased every 15 minutes. It doesn’t actually feel hot but my body sort of vibrates and pulses in my gums etc. it’s not uncomfortable at all. The NDV injection on the other hand does! Yowzer! If I wasn’t awake before it, I am after!

I asked Cindy what happens after my last vaccination tomorrow. She said that if my scan comes back saying the canSer is stable then maybe in 3-6 months I may go back for another vaccination to give my immune system a boost. She said Dr Nesselhut would advise.

Back to our ‘home from home’ for a hearty German meal then an early night. I’m not sleeping well lately. I’m hot and sweaty (nice!) and having vivid dreams. A scary thought went through my mind that maybe it’s symptoms of the menopause bought on due to the chemo…I hope not. The thought of really having no chance of being a mum due to the menopause does put a bit of a downer on it. Of course it’s unlikely I can have a baby but who knows?!


Anyway one last thing- sad as it is we had English tv in Cologne. We again sadly watched the X Factor last night… What a complete farce!!!!! I’ll say no more on the matter.


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