Two days of life coaching and hypnosis.. back in the room!

Well I have been away for a few days and it’s been quite an insightful two days for me.

I travelled to a village near Saffron Walden to see Mark Newey from Winning Minds. If you have never been to that part of the world I would highly recommend it. Beautiful. As per, driving to unknown places is really out of my comfort zone but hey, I am getting good at doing different things these days!

The purpose of my visit at the time of booking it in January was to get help with dealing with the fear of death and the fear of leaving loved ones behind. Now I haven’t been feeling quite like that recently since I have a gut feeling things are going to be ok and also the great results I got from my last scan, however I still felt it was important to deal with it but also I wanted to address negative and morbid thoughts that I get on a regular basis for no apparent reason. They used to be really bad but now not so much however I don’t want them cluttering up my mind!

I found Mark randomly by chance on another website which has confused Mark as he doesn’t know how it got there! so I am guessing it was meant to be.

Even more so for me because on the morning of travelling my friend recommended that I visit her sister also my friend whom I haven’t seen for 7 years. I thought to myself I wouldn’t have time. On arriving in the village early I decided to check myself in to my pub/hotel room. On walking inwho should I see but my friend! I honestly was shocked. I cannot believe I booked a room in a pub that she runs and owns! If you fancy staying there it is a lovely little village pub that has been modernised with contemporary luxury rooms and amazing food and service and great staff of course! The Cricketers Arms in Rickling Green; plug plug! Haha!

I had no expectations of what would happen over the next few days all I knew was that I was going to experience NLP and hypnosis etc. On meeting Mark I felt totally at ease and despite hours of talking which would normally give me brain ache I felt gripped and interested throughout. Mark relates a lot of his expertise to his own personal experiences and relates to a time when he had a nervous breakdown and made positive changes including his career to be the real him and to be authentic. What I found really interesting was the first afternoon discussing and almost having a lesson in the unconscious mind. Mark explained where we get all our ‘stuff’ and clutter, bad habits or whatever you are there for and where it comes from. He explained how the mind matrix works and all the elements that create the state of mind we have. These are our values, childhood programming, cultural beliefs and more. It was so interesting.

The later part of that day we started discussing me and where my beliefs come from. It was hard to begin with as I don’t know why I think the way I do and why I have created certain habits and pathways through my life. I know I have come a long way already since July but it really was so very enlightening. Another part of it is to ascertain what outcome I wanted. Of course the obvious answer was to be happy in life. It was like having a practical life coaching and therapy session. Bouncing thoughts and past feelings but having someone completely separate from my life posing questions and asking me to try to remember where these patterns came from. Unsurprisingly for most, a lot comes from my childhood which is mad as I have always believed that my childhood was great but actually there were huge issues which must have made me stifle who I really wanted to be probably due to fear. My dad as many will know has been a big drinker all my life (I hate calling him an alcoholic as there are different levels of it) and it did interfere with home life more than I realised. And up to recently I don’t think I had been me, the real me. I didn’t feel comfortable in myself and I think I was trying to be someone else, trying to please others and not being honest with myself which is quiet likely why I became ever increasingly stressed and then came along canSer, maybe as the last straw.

Mark breaks down everything in such an easy and understanding way and he is full of passion for his role and only has your best interest at heart. Working from his home makes it really relaxing and he sent me home with home work although I didn’t do it as I spent the evening with my lovely friend!

My friend and I had an evening on catching up on the last seven years and had a cheeky glass of prosecco or two…. It had to be done! So amazing to finally rekindle our friendship and plans to see more of each other too.

The next day was filled with actual therapy… I had a session of Quantum Touch. This is new to me as I had never heard of it before now. Mark is a trained reiki practitioner although he hasn’t felt comfortable doing it- it didn’t fit with him. So discovered Quantum Touch.

Quantum-Touch is a method of natural healing that works with the Life Force Energy of the body to promote optimal wellness. Life Force Energy, also known as “chi” in Chinese and “prana” in Sanskrit, is the flow of energy that sustains all living beings. Quantum-Touch teaches us how to focus, amplify, and direct this energy, for a wide range of benefits with surprising and often extraordinary results.

Mark basically laid on hands and I felt a huge amount of heat which radiated and pulsed. The feelings spread and Mark would move his hands and wait for feedback to see if there was any pain or any changes. It was very relaxing and I felt on a deep level that physical changes were happening. The odd thing for me was that the throbbing kept going up near my throat or the higher heart chakra area.

After this I had an hour hypnosis session to get rid of the old habits and thoughts and to dump the old me behind. After lunch I then had another hour session of hypnosis and this was to look forward and to become the person I want to be. Although I am little unclear as to what I want in life but I know what I don’t want. Mark asked me to paint a picture of me in five years time. This was hard to do. I know I want to be in my home having the new kitchen and drive. I know I want to be working as a trainer and more involved with HD brows. I want be canSer free, clearly. I want to start a charity although I know it’s going to be hard as well as using my skills as a therapist to help canSer patients.


Mark was very intense at times which was fine and he kept saying that I am ‘’special’ (this made me laugh- ‘special needs’!) and that I am beacon and that my life experience will beat this and go onto help others in a big way. I find it hard to digest when things are said to me like that. I am not special I have been given a platform by my wonderful hubby and have simply used it. I do agree that once I am out of the woods so to speak that I should help others. It is my duty and makes life worth living.

So far I am unsure as to how I feel. Pete said I was glowing when I got home yesterday and bright eyed and bushy tailed.

Overall I feel it was a worthwhile exercise and I really cannot wait to use the cd’s that Mark recorded of my hypnosis sessions to keep my going in the future. I still feel really strong and I hope that all that fear and negative thoughts will not pester me anymore. I look forward to what may be and having more control in my life, without controlling my life (if that makes sense!)

I would highly recommend anyone with any thing like a habit or hang up or need help with moving forward in their life or even if you are unsure but know there is something missing in your life, to visit Mark and have a great couple of sessions to really make that change.

His details will be on my resources page but for now here they are;

Mark Newey


0800 083 0143


What was really mad about the meeting Mark too was that his father lives approximately 8 miles from me and he has many interests that are so similar to Pete. Isn’t life funny?

Today, I am meeting my friend for lunch and giving her a whole heap of bracelets. To sell for charity. I have actually run out of bracelets and have to make more. This is crazy! I never expected this to happen. So pleased!

We have a great weekend ahead of us with friends visiting and rugby! Despite the wet weather I will keep on living!

Thanks to everyone that has donated so far and thank you all for buying and selling my bracelets. It’s not over yet.. There are more to come as long as I can keep making them.

Happy bunny! Hop skip Jump!

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