Vaccinations, London twice and now something else to try get resolved…

It’s been a busy couple of days with hospital appointments. I got up at the crack of sparrows and drove to south west London to where I will be having ablation later in June. I met with a consultant (not the one that will be performing the procedure) who was very nice and seemed very kind and caring. He gave me the low down on the treatment and explained that the microwave (not radiofrequency as I was told previously) ablation would be done with me lying face down. They will gain access with needles between the ribs or thereabouts. They will make sure they get a clear margin all the way. He explained that ablation can be performed more than one. He said that by thermally ablating two of the lesions can encourage the others to die off too. Wow…. I hope so.

He explained that I would get a pneumothorax and that the lung will partially collapse but as I am a healthy individual it should sort itself out pretty quickly and he doesn’t anticipate me being there more than two nights. Fingers crossed eh?

I was then directed to the private health office where I was told to take a piece of paper with notes on. There the lovely ladies looked up the procedure on their computers and advised me of the cost; £1191 which includes one night and for every extra night a cost of £468. Then I need to find out the consultants costs… What? I hadn’t been told that but I am not overly surprised. I guess I need to email the consultant then. Still it’s cheaper than going to Germany so far.

I hopped in the car feeling all pleased with myself for having driven my way through horrendous M25 traffic and realised I had the rest of the day to get things done.  Getting up early is pretty cool! I spent the rest of the organising and working but still managed to get some meditation done in the back garden catching a few cheeky rays. I love the sun.

Today I had to hop on the train and head up to London again, this time central London. I made my way to the London Clinic for the second vaccination of IMM101. I arrived early and the nurse said that the mark where my last vaccine was looked really good and showed that I have responded well. The trials doctor then came along and asked me how I felt and then examined my lymph node regions; under the arms and round the collar. All seems fine so he gave the go ahead for the second injection. So far this one hasn’t come up quite as red or raised.  Oo I hope it’s still responding well.

Whilst checking my mail on the train I got an email from Dr Nesselhut’s clinic stating the ‘antisense’ vaccine I was waiting for on Tuesday didn’t end up arriving until 5.30pm. It was fortunate that we decided not to wait. We would have missed our flights. The email then said the manufacturers have stated that it can be kept frozen for three weeks and for this duration it will remain stable. Can I go back within the next three weeks for it to be administered? WHAT?

I replied and asked them if they were joking and that I was informed on the day it could wait until I return in July. I have insisted they speak to the Dr Nesselhut and get back to me with a solution. Either it can be done again, they come to me or they send it over to me and I get someone else to administer it. I am still waiting for a reply. That really takes the biscuit. I don’t want to die and I will do anything for my health but would I be mad to simply hop on another flight, drive all the way from Hannover to Duderstadt have an injection and then drive all the way back to the airport and get on a flight back to the UK? It sounds feasible if I had the funds and time, which if it came to life or death I guess I have. If I could go on my own then maybe I would consider so it doesn’t cause such an upheaval for Pete and work but not until they think about a better solution. I don’t feel overly stressed at this point but I am getting used to their f*** ups! To be fair it wasn’t Dr Nesselhut or RGCC, it was the courier company, but part of me wonders why didn’t the vaccine arrive when they requested it be returned on the 12th not the 13th?

There has to be a solution. I have no idea what effect this vaccine will have on me but I do feel quite excited by the fact that if Epstein Barr Virus is cured inside me then maybe my immune system might start working properly. EBV is proven to cause other canSers, not breast canSer but who knows what is happening inside of me?  It never runs smoothly… We will figure it out.

The weekend is crammed with fun stuff and the weather is looking good. Whilst Bear is out I am pampering and preening myself… Now for a cheeky glass of something cold.

Have a great weekend all!

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