Vaccine number 2-Cocktail of cells and proteins

Second day in Germany for treatment. Good news came from Dr Nesselhut. We were all ready to ask as to when I could have the new vaccine containing P2X7. Two reasons for being apprehensive; 1.He may say I have to wait. 2.The cost. Once the words were spoken he looked a little puzzled and said, ” You are already having it”. This did confuse me as he said last time I had to wait and had ommited the new antigen had been already included in my cocktail of cells.

Apparently I am having primed dendritic cells not only for NDV but also for nf-P2X7 which is non functioning death program within cancer cells only. This should in theory mean, the canSer cells within me, die. Normal cells have P2X7, which when the time is right, activates the death of cell. Woohoo! Bonus- double whammy! It’s cutting edge and has only been used on 30 patients at their clinic in the last 3 months.

We discussed forward planning. Dr Nesselhut says really if I feel well, I should do at least 3 if not all 4 treatment months before having a CT scan to see if it has worked,.

We discussed chemo- he said some low level chemo drugs can help if there is a shortage of some sort of cells (can’t remember what) But he says my levels are fine.

This time 8 million cells were injected- a littele less than the 15 million last time but more than the average 3 million.

Whilst I was being treated Pete bought the Angel Lady a heart made of slate to thank her for her kind words and asked more about the angels. She said that there is lots to tell but wants him to read a book which she will give him next time.

One last thing was Dr Nesslehut mentioned the vaccine includes an immune boosting protein deriving from a South Sea Island snail which is so far removed evolutionary from European homosapiens that it really gets the DC cells twitching.

Booked for October and November for the last two months of treatment.

Drove to Hanover- now in bed at 8.30pm ready for an early start to go home… 🙂

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