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  1. 07 May 2015 / Jyoti Castagnetti
    Hi Claire, Just read the latest blog – what a roller coaster. stay strong. you mentioned Atorvastatin – how does that help us Triple Negative girls?

    26 April 2015 / Andrea Batten
    Hello thanks for all the fantastic information. I have a question regarding physical exercise – 30 minutes a day. I am currently having chemo – 8 weeks to go then surgery and then radio. Should I be exercising now or is this recommendation for after treatment. I have very little energy most of the time. Also after 3 rounds of FEC and 4 weeks of Taxol my tumour hasn’t seemed to have shrunk – can I still be positive and expect shrinkage over the last 8 weeks ? Many thanks Xxxx

    04 April 2015 / Erica
    Hi Claire, Was just thinking about you and how much you touched me with your amazing letter last year and thought I’d drop by your blog to see how you are. I’m so happy to see that you’re still so full of determination and positivity. You’re such an inspiration. I hope that you’re both planning yet another birthday in yet another fabulous hotel this June, and I hope that the sun shines just as brightly as it did last year. Sending you lots of love and positive thoughts. Erica

    07 February 2015 / Patricia Cox
    daughter has Triple Negative Cancer

    24 December 2014 / Bernadette Moylan
    Hi Claire I was diagnosed with triple a negative Bc in 2013 and it spread to lung in2014 . After 2 Unsuccessful ablation sit has spread to lymph Nodes in chest area. I see you have sourced Help abroad. Could I have link to area/ doc abroad So I can research. Thanks Ber

    15 December 2014 / Jacky Pountain
    I previously posted on this site to inform you that we were setting up a charity on behalf of Sarah Bennett. This has now been done and is based in Crewe & Nantwich. The charity is called Shine Bright Foundation. We have raised funds to send to Professor Justin Stebbing’s team in London specifically for research into TNBC but we also want to set up a “drop in” once a week to begin with in the area for people with TNBC. One of the plans we have is to provide reiki treatments but in conjunction with the Navitas Centre in Crewe to also offer to teach reiki to anyone who wants to learn it for self treatment. We have lots of ideas but initially would like to set up a coffee morning so that anyone with TNBC can attend and tell us what they would like to get out of the centre and just have an informal chat. If anyone would like to contact me then please free to telephone me on 07540 837360

    07 December 2014 / Jyoti Castagnetti
    Hi- quick email to say that I have been following your blog now for about couple of years now. Had TNBC around about the same time as you and came across your Facebook page couple of years ago. just wanted to say what an amazing person you are and have been for the long while. I really hope that it all works out – fingers crossed and must admit I do check in most days to make sure that all is well. love and light xx.

    10 October 2014 / Laura Moody
    Hi Claire, I’ve been meaning to say hi for a while, sorry for the very long delay… So I’m the tall blonde (breast cancer survivor) who was celebrating my birthday with a group of girlfriends at Es Vive, Ibiza in June. We finally got talking (and dancing) by the pool on the day we left, Sunday 1st June. I could tell you were special before we met and then when we did I knew why.. A few of us drop in and read your blog…. Sending you all our love and positive thought… Laura xx

    17 September 2014 / Niki
    I have TNBC return after 23 years, originally had 8 Chemos and rads with double mastectomy. Last Nov it reappeared under the arm that I didn’t have rads. Only had two chemo this time made me so ill not having anymore, now in spine and neck, hoping for miracle.

    15 July 2014
    / Claire
    Hi, I found you through a comment you made on the IIN Facebook page, I have spent the night reading through your blog and I am so glad to have found it! I had breast cancer two years ago that I treated naturally with the help of my naturopath and nutrition, I also did Gcmaf injections for about a year. I live in Toronto(I’m originally from the uk) but we got our GCMaf delivered from the Uk, from what I’ve read you travel to get these injections so I thought it would help to know you are able to get them in the Uk, I injected myself every 5 days. There is another amazing product that I found that meant I was able to reduce my injections it is called Zell oxygen immunocomplex. I bought it from my health store but I found it online through regenerative who are uk based. I wish you well, this disease is awful and robs you of so much more than just your health, I did a lot of emotional healing and I think that’s what got me through. Oh I also did a blood test that we call the German test as it was sent to Germany but is called the Bio focus test and it told me what conventional treatments and alternative treatments would work for my cancer and j followed that along with muscle testing. Lots of love, Claire

    12 July 2014 / Britt Praker
    Hello! You inspire me as I go through my life’s journey with a diagnosis of triple negative breast cancer on April 15, 2014. I live in the US and am grateful for the world wide web to connect me to you! Thank you for your wonderful blog!!! Best, Britt

    17 June 2014 / Rebecca Dixon
    Hi, I’m a distant friend if salty moral and she has been telling me about your website. Mu husband has stage 4 kidney cancer and immunotherapy is nog working as well as we hoped., we still have options but very limited. We have cut out as much sugar as possible since February. We are aware of the benefits of alkaline diet but as I’m 32 wks oregnant it’s quite difficult I have researched on the net and it’s just veg and green juice. Can you recommend a good juicer as our blender is rubbish! Also do you know where to get tasty alkaline meal plans from. As this is new to us we are finding it hard. I gave been testing his urine ph and currently it’s 5.75 is that really bad? How long through diet foes it take to raise oh levels? Sorry for all the questions, just got to take this into our own hands now as nhs letting us down. Many thanks for taking the time to read. Best wusses for your future and treatment.

    27 April 2014 / Michelle Russo
    Hi Claire and Peter, I am another TNBC from the Gold Coast, Australia, bi-lateral surgery, chemo and rads, followed by a precautionary hysterectomy. I have just read your blog from start to finish. Congratulations on your amazing research, tenacity and courage. You are an inspiration. I hope your CT scan results after Easter are the best ever, and you can have the ablation you so want to try. Thank you both for this wonderful website. Glad you enjoyed NY – we are off there in September, and to see New England in the fall. (We lived in Surrey for 6 years in Virginia Water.) All the very best to you both, and much love. xxxx

    20 March 2014 / jacqui nicholson
    Glad to read a positive informative out look so fed up of the doom and gloom brigades

    13 March 2014 / Daniel
    Hi Claire, I am a Romanian leaving in the Netherlands and while in search for alternative cancer treatments for my wife (33 years old), I came across your website and I really like everything about it. It is very helpful. I am specifically interested in your GcMAF experience. I would write more but is very late. However, I am writing this message to shortly share the flowing info with you: – Please consider Cimetidine in combination with Mebendazole (highly effective against metastases and primary cancer); – Please consider DCA (dichloroacetate)- many clinics in Germany are offering this in IV form and I know a Dutch guy who had a 8cm lung tumor with metastases; several months to live according to the doctors and now cancer free (since 2 years ago). This are just a few of the treatments I am considering for my wife (actually she already stated with Cimetidine following the advice of our doctor in Germany). I wish you a lot of health and I am sure you (will) have it! Kind regards, Daniel

    04 March 2014 / Lindsay MacDonald
    Dear Claire, I contacted you a couple of months ago after Jo Udy, a local friend, recommended your site and I was looking at it today in order to tell you about the GcMaf having had it recommended by a friend – then just read your blog! I am here in Switzerland at the clinic too! I must have missed you as I have been going to the morning sessions but are you going to the talk on Thurs morning? I am staying at the Novotel in Bussigny and would love to catch up at some point. Hope your ok and enjoying the beautiful view of the mountains! All the best, Lindsay

    21 February 2014
    / Adam Ray
    I have linked Triple negative blog to mine as it is a very good resource. Mine is my own journey with stomach/esophageal cancer

    22 November 2013 / Jacky Pountain
    My friend Sarah Bennett recently passed away with secondary cancer after suffering from Triple Negative breast cancer. Sarahs wish was to set up a charity to raise funds solely for research into triple negative breast cancer. I have attached a link to an article which appeared this week in our local paper. Sarah was an amazing lady and was so determined to do what she could to help find a cure for Triple Negative. I wonder if you could please share this article with anyone else on this blog. It has been sent to USA for their Triple Negative Blog. Hopefully if we get the word out for the charity we can start to raise as much funds as possible. Thanks for your time–6324581

    15 November 2013 / charlotte short
    Hi I am 39 married with kids aged 15&17. Diagnosed feb2011 with TN…Had lump and then masrctomy one lymph node involved, followed by fec-t chemo…all done and dusted till I went for my expander implant in july 2012 surgeon found another lump. This sent me to rads…and I statted to have far 4cat and 2PET… Last nov wad told there was no evidence of disease.YAY ….BUT this summer more lumps found and removed ..due to last years rads my wound has has problems healing, resulting in another op to re-close. And now today I finally got back on the chemo chair! This time I’m on carboplatin so hope my hair mostly stays!. I now see a therapist… But my heart breaks everytime I think about leaving my family and the strain my children live can I put them through this again and again…this school year they have Alevels and GCSEs… Thank you

    11 November 2013 / Stella Walsh
    Hi Clare, I was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer last May 2012, with a 3cm lump in my right breast, it had also gone into my lymph nodes. I had 8 rounds of chemo AC & Taxol the tumour shank quite well it almost disappeared. I then had lumpectomy surgery & 4 weeks of radiotherapy. One week after my treatment had finished & was told I was clear. I then had a letter from genetics to say I was BRCA 1 carrier. With this news it was quite a shock as I now was faced with having a double mastectomy & an oopthorectomy. The surgery now is going to complicated as because of the radiated breast, reconstruction is going to be difficult. I decided to give my self a year off to clear my mind & get strong after 8 months of treatment. I have just found your site & and amazed at the amount of information you give. As no one has talk to me about TNBC not my oncologist nor my surgeon or my non existent breast care nurse or my GP who has not contacted me once. I have had no counselling or no one to talk too about this. The fact that have had breast cancer or TNBC. As my family keep telling I will be ok as my mother had breast cancer & ovarian cancer & she now 80 years old. I had little knowledge of this type of cancer I just know its not that good. I try to stay positive but having no one to talk too and keeping everything in isn’t good. My family are basically sweeping it under the carpet & it’s not to be spoken about. Through my treatment I just kept quite as I didn’t want to scare anyone when I done my own research! But I would like some support, but family won’t allow me to talk about it, the few times I tried to discuss it & try to explain that My breast cancer is different to my mothers cancer I basically get told not to be silly. So basically I am on my own doing my own little research on this. But I find it very isolating as no one will talk to me about it. I also don’t share my fears with my friends as they have no idea of TNBC either. I basically put a smile on my face & tell everyone am ok to make everyone feel good in my company. I am a positive person & will do everything I can do to stay healthy for as long as possible & enjoy life one day at time. Your wealth of knowledge has astounded me as not one person has given me any info for anything from nutrition/vitamins or exercise. I feel I have been left in the dark. Your 10 point plan is brilliant & I love the way you are sharing your knowledge on everything. I have a question on the list of supplements which is long. Which ones do you take & the ones you find most effective? I can truly say you sound an amazing person & I thank you for this site in helping others with TNBC.

    11 November 2013 / Lindsay MacDonald
    I just want to write and thank you for your website. My friend Jo Udy told me about all the work you had done, and I have found it so useful. I was initially diagnosed with breast cancer 5 yrs ago at the age of 36 and since discovered that I am also triple negative. Last Christmas I was again diagnosed with secondary cancer in my lumph nodes and sternum. Whilst I have gone through chemo again and some operations, some of my cancer is inoperable so I have been looking into other options for help and I have found your site invaluable. Thank you again for all the time and effort you have put into it. You really have been an inspiration. All the best, Lindsay

    02 October 2013
    / Graham Whiting
    I have been given a similar prognosis for my sarcoma cancer. Reading with great interest. I write a blog at

    30 June 2013 / joan

    28 June 2013 / Sarah
    You seem so positive i hope some of it rubs off on me. Just been diagnosed with secondary breast cancer after beating it 10 years ago.

    24 May 2013 / Angie
    What a great site Claire & Pete! I was diagnosed in April as a triple negative. I’m confident a cure can be found in the next few years & love the information you have provided to share! Thank you. You sound amazing Claire!

    10 May 2013 / karyn robertson
    Hi i found your website from the nicola jane catologue,i too am a triple negative starting chemo next week. Im 41 .

    10 April 2013 / joan birch
    thank you I have just discovered site I have had triple negative breast cancer for four years so nice to have information I look forward to spending time on your site.

    03 April 2013 / Emma
    What a great site packed with lots of information. Such an honest blog, Claire you are so brave and I feel I can learn so much from you and this site. I was diagnosed with grade 3 TNBC when I was 28. I had a mastectomy, 3 x FEC chemo, executive docetaxel chemo and four weeks of radiotherapy. A difficult time with a 3 year old and 14 month year old but we got through it the best way we could – as do so many other amazing women and families. I am four years on now and still feel really tired and am interested in trying some of your ideas. Thanks for the great information and good luck to you Claire and others fighting the fight! X

    19 March 2013 / Hannah Bailey
    This is a fantastic blog – not only uplifting, funny and inspirational – but full of really important info. I have had TNBC twice since June 2010, and I also go to Dr Nesselhut in Germany for treatment. He is fantastic, I am very lucky to have him as my oncologist. I feel well, strong and happy… even more so after reading Clare’s story. If more people went with her ’10 point plan’ I’m convinced we would have far more success stories out there – just go for it! xx

    15 March 2013
    / helen whetton
    Amazing information and attitude Claire. My Sis in law is fighting cancer for a second time at only 33 and I have set myself a 10k target to raise this year for breast cancer care and Macmillan nurses. I have a blog at charting my marathon training debacles if you fancy a read. I am also organising a charity ball at malmaison in Oxford in September if you are interested in coming or promoting? Also how would you feel about me promoting your site and bracelets on my blog? Maybe I can put the website details on the back of my breast cancer care running vest at the marathon? Anything I can do to help a good cause! All the best and keep up the fight! Helen

    09 March 2013 / Tamara Baynard
    I just wanted to say that I love your blog. I was diagnosed with Stage 3, Grade 3 tnbc on Dec 12, 2011. I was 36 yrs. I had 8rounds of chemo, 22 radiation treatments and a double masectomy with immediate reconstruction. Eventhough I went thru this difficult time, I always kept a positive attitude and had faith that I would get thru this. I am a survivor of a year and am now dealing with lymphedema. I continue to pray for a cure for this terrible disease. I will keep you in my prayers as well. Thank you so much for sharing your story. May God continue to give you strength……

    22 February 2013 / Denise
    I love your website, so unique, individual and natural. I wish you well, my friend and all you others out there. I was 49 when diagnosed with an infiltrating mammary duct carcinoma grade 2/3, ER positive, PR positive with malignant involvement of the lower outer quadrant of the left breast that was extensive. There was also ductal carcinoma in situ. Even my other breast hadn’t escaped; boarderline phyllodes tumour and more all over 17 years). I had a bilateral, 3 months of chemo, 30 days of rad, monthly injections to bring me into menopause and almost completed five years on Arimidex. My husband doesn’t love me and hasn’t since. I’m studying reflexology; a new me and trying to find myself and others who want some laughter, peace and friendship; where are these people because I can’t find them? I’m lost but still plodding along with what life seems to be throwing at me. Thanks, Denise X

    11 February 2013 / Mark Newey
    Wow Claire, this is so open, hoest and inspiring. Well done you!

    19 January 2013 /
    I love the 10-Point Plan. Also Triple Negative, we especially have to be vigilant. I appreciate that your viewpoint includes all modalities. I also use natural remedies and have had chemo. I believe there’s a proper “marriage” between the two worlds.

    10 January 2013 / liz fitzpatrick
    Wishing you love light and laughter. Liz xxxxxx

    29 December 2012 / Jaye S
    hello, came across your fb last week and passed it all round my friends, so pleased when you hit your target! (and beyond) Have started to read your blog, backwards lol and am inspired by you and yours. we have had a lot of cancer in our family and its great to see people fighting back. good luck to you xxx

    22 December 2012 /
    Claire, just wanted to send you my best wishes and tell you what an inspiring and amazingly positive person I think you are. You are beautiful inside and out. Keep your chin up, reading your last blog was sad to hear that doctors can be so cruel with people’s emotions like that but keep doing what you are doing and don’t let those buggers get you down. I hope the latest treatment doesn’t make you too sick. Myself and Rosie send you lots of hugs and kisses ??? Have a lovely Christmas Xxxxx

    21 December 2012
    / Louise Farrugia
    Love reading your blogs,your determination to beat this is inspirational.

    20 December 2012 / stanley w dawes
    Hi Claire I liked your blog it is very interesting , i think sharing with others is very good look forward to seeing you in new year Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year stan

    03 October 2012 / katie and philly
    The most amazing and strong women we have ever met, love and light shines from you in abundance! And its a theory we will carry in our hearts and try and move towards forever!! big love to you and the bear! your ibiza rocks chicks!!! xxxxx

    21 September 2012
    / Chaim
    Peter, i am thinking of you and praying for your wife.

    19 September 2012
    / Amy
    Hey Claire, you probably don’t remember me but I met you once at the JR when my mum broke her hand. Josh told me about your blog and now I have read it I just want to say how inspirational you are. You have helped me to realise how lucky I am and really put things into perspective. I really hope that you keep doing what you are and that you stay positive. Well done for this amazing blog! Amy xx

    16 September 2012 / lisa clements
    hi claire and pete, i have just read your blog..sorry i havent before its just kirsty had told me it was upsetting and i sort of had to buld myself up to reading it. sat here a total snot bubbling mess and im in total awe of you two.. your positivity! love for each other, attitude..everything!! im blown away !! i think your blog should be turned into a book..your amazing!! if anyone can beat this its you xx all my love to you both..hope to catch up with you soon xx

    12 September 2012 / Lindy
    Just have to say how brilliant it is to feel your positivity and that dipping in and out of ALL of your Ten Point Plan is not only working but has been endorsed by your wonderful Consultant. Thank you for sharing your thoughts in your inspiring blogs, we are with you both all the way.Big Hugs, Sis xx PS Have to get some of favourite recipes of you now that you have tried and tested – but I expect winter warmers will be on the menu soon!

    09 September 2012 / Sally Morrall
    Truly inspirational x

    08 September 2012
    / liz
    Claire is the most beautifuland inspirational lady( with her amazing husband ) that I met at Sally and Gregs wedding in Marbella. (my daughter and Son in law) You radiate joy and positive energy Claire and touch the hearts of those who meet you. NOT because they feel sorrow: but, Enrichment, Energy, Love and Serenity. This is the brush you share with people so they may paint their lives. THANK YOU! xx xx xxx x

    05 September 2012 / Jo
    You are both very special people and I feel very lucky to have met you, simply amazing!!!!! If I can find some small way to be helpful I will and if you think I can help in any small way then please tell me. You are flippin amazing xxxxxxxxxxx

    29 August 2012 / Mum
    Its great Claire and I love you. Xxxx

    29 August 2012 / Lisa
    Claire, for as long as I’ve know you I have always seen you as a tower of strength and positivity, but now even more so. Your courage and determination is a true inspiration to us all. If anyone can beat this, it is you! I have every confidence in you and Pete to tackle anything that comes your way. Stay strong and stay positive honey. I’m blessed to know someone as brave and amazing as you. xxx

    14 August 2012 / Fatima Wali-Abdurrahman
    Claire, I am amazed at you courage, strength and positive nature. I am certain you will beat this, as attitude is everything! Ii have known Pete for more than 7 years, and know what a jolly good fellow he is, but now I see a new Pete. A caring kind person who you are very lucky to have as a partner. May the Lord heal you, and I look forward to having both you and Peter in Nigeria, and I promise he won’t be allowed anywhere near sea food, though I suspect he is now a veggie, in support! Stay well Claire Fatima XX

    01 August 2012 / Rachel Hale
    Hope we are still going to see each other this month! Think of you often and am totally inspired by you and this site. Love to you and Pete xxx keep fighting xx

    01 August 2012
    / Maggie Rollings
    Great site Claire, keep up the fight. Love from Maggie and all. xxxx

    01 August 2012 / Elisabeth Roseveare
    I am Caroline’s mother and she suggested I look at your website. I am very impressed by it and agree wholeheartedly with all the dietary advice in particular. I feel sure with your positive attitude you will prove an inspiration to all, including the medical profession!

    31 July 2012 / sue jeacock
    very useful site good luck all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    22 July 2012 / christel maiwald
    Keeping you two in my thoughts and prayers, Peter and Claire, Love, Christel

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