We have broken the £5000 barrier!

Had great news yesterday that our donations have exceeded £5000 on my virgin giving page. That is from the sales of the wish bracelets I have made along with other donations given very generously by everyone! Today there has also been more payment made by my friends who are selling them for me also. The total now stands at £5548.00! This is being split between my chosen charities Breast Cancer Breakthrough and The Cancer Vaccine Institute. And it doesn’t stop there. A good friend of mine is doing a pamper evening soon and she is donating all proceeds from doing treatments as well as selling more bracelets for me! Of course we have the ladies night coming up in May also that my other friend is holding at her house which will include selling of clothes, treatments, bracelets as well a raffle. I am going to donate HD brows treatments and products as well as some other items, and friends are donating prizes such as tans, facials, haircuts and colours.. Then my Bear is going to donate a magnum of champagne!  Bless him. He is a bit gutted it is a ladies night as he thought he could come along too! We told him he could be a girl for the evening but he has gone all shy and decided he would go to the pub instead (spoken in a deep manly voice!) Love him.

I’m always thinking of the next thing we can do to raise money. I would like to hold a roller disco but yet to plan that one out. It’s only so I can get dressed in fancy dress and roller skate in time to funky music! Ha ha! I’ll never grow up. I’d also love to have a ball but that maybe something I do later as it could take a lot of money and resources. All good learning experiences though.

I’ve spent time with Ray (the elderly friend we take care of) today and cooked him his lunch and done a few chores round his house. It amazes me that he is almost 90 years old and is bright as a button.  Times have been hard for him recently but you would never know it. Then I was at the hospital having my bloods taken in time for my next round of chemo and picking up my drugs to start again on Wednesday. They know me now there and have it all ready when I walk through the door. A bonus I guess to going there so often!

I decided to have a lunch late in the garden and scoffed down avocado salad. It should be getting boring seeing as I have it every single day but it just isn’t! I’m a creature of habit. It must be helping me seeing as I am so well.

I’m looking forward to tonight as I’m going for dinner at a friend’s house. I can’t wait for a catch up and a cuddle baby George. Mmm babies I could eat them!

The weekend forecast looks good so I think some gardening is in order tomorrow then we are off to Heathrow again for my next round of immunotherapy. Duderstadt here we come! Back late Tuesday night……

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