Wear it Pink Day- Pink boobies, Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry!

Friday was Wear it Pink Day for Breast Cancer Awareness month and I couldn’t wait to be part of it.
I got up early (for me) and headed to Peters office. Everyone there was dressed in pink- All different levels of pink… standard splash of pink right up to full on Mr Blobby!
We all had our faces painted- again different degrees of face painting from the tasteful to the downright ‘in yer face!’ look. Haha…
There was the Great VTUK Bake Off and the judging was hilarious to watch whilst Pete and his colleague Adam pretended to be Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry. The competition was steep and the flare of the bakers was brilliant! The cakes ranged from boob cupcakes with nipple piercings, a smartie pouring cake, macaroons, cheesecake, minions cake and something we are not sure we can describe on here. But it was all very funny and soo tasty.. I cheekily had a taster.
Best of all… we all had a complete laugh and raised money for the charity Breast Cancer Now. Between us we have raised £450! Wow… well done guys and gals! Awesome. And it really made me happy. I haven’t laughed so much in ages.
I was so excited with my face painting seen below that I kept it on all day and that included my visit to the supermarket. I hoped it may spark some smiles and cheer some people up but all I got was eyes averting and looking down to the ground. I wondered if it was because I was in pink or if it was the bald head and ‘kitty’ face. I continued on my shop round Tesco when a little Tesco worker walked past me and miaowed. Cheered me up a treat! Ha-ha!12019992_917341238363924_8631057113408566454_n12019992_917341238363924_8631057113408566454_n
I want to thank everyone at VTUK who always commit fully to our fund raising efforts for the charities we have chosen to support. They raised £450! Well done guys!
Not only do we feel good mainly from laughing after these events I am left feeling with so much gratitude to each everyone who takes their time, money and effort to be involved. It is never taken lightly and I am so humbled by the team who year on year make such an effort and a difference, not only to the charity but to me and Pete.
Here are some images from the day;



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