What a difference a day makes…

What a difference a day makes. I have to admit I have been feeling less than positive over the last few days. I don’t know why. I have had an amazing holiday and a wonderful weekend full of love and happiness with so much to take my mind off things but for some reason I had a massive feeling of fear consuming me. Until yesterday. Then it cleared. Maybe it was because of the knowledge that I now know what my plan is with treatment- Continue with immunotherapy and then in 8 weeks find out what the next step is. Maybe its because I am back at home doing my daily rituals; exercise, juicing, infrared, meditation, yoga, back in my bed! :0) Maybe its because despite challenging issues Pete still comes home cute and happy and puts his heart and soul into creating tasty vegan dishes and eats them too! Maybe its because everyday starts with a big bear hug (usually whilst I am asleep!) a cup of hot water and lemon in bed and it finishes with a big bear hug and the feeling of safety. Or maybe because my mum is here this week and it makes everything ‘alright’ like when you are a kid. Or maybe it’s everything combined.

Yet again I have been receiving so many supportive messages, heart pictures and even cards and heart necklaces in the post (Thank you Auntie Sandy and Uncle David 🙂 ) I have constant postive feedback and support on Facebook and emails from clients. I have many friends arranging lunch dates and even one friend organising a concert to raise awareness of Triple Negative Breast Cancer (don’t worry- I’ll give you all a heads up in due course)

It’s amazing and fulfilling knowing in that just 3 minutes of informing clients that I am going to start work again and taking bookings albeit limited appointments, I had booked up a whole day.

I feel FULL! I am full of love and when I close my eyes all I can see are hearts…. Now thats a sign.

Talking of signs, on our holiday we met a couple at dinner one evening. Within 5 minutes we find out that the lady knows Michael my acupuncturist. Is that a coincidence, small world or a sign?

My mum came with me today to acupuncture. Lyn, Michaels wife was there. She is a yoga teacher and has also given me a healing session before. I always have an overwhelming feeling of wanting to hug her. When we left, mum said they felt like they had known eachother for years and felt so comfortable talking to eachother. How amazing. Some people are enriched with healing and goodness. I feel safe whenever I am there.

Long may this feeling of love, light and life stay. I just want to live and focus on the future. The Ten Point Plan. 🙂

P.S Thought I’d share a really funny story. Today started even better than normal- this is a post I put on Facebook this morning;

Best start to morning ever. Bear wanders in from getting my hot lemon drink as always and says, ‘ Well that was an exciting start to the day.. Kitty(cat) and I were sitting in the snug when we heard some scratching on the roof. We went outside to see a stork on the roof and fly away into the sun!’ As they watched it go they saw two squirrels also watching the stork agog. Then they ran off with their tails fluffing. ‘It’s like Disney here!’. I then went downstairs and came back also stating what an exciting start to the day I had too. I went to sit on my study chair to check emails and found a big brown pile of diarrhoea on my chair! haha! 🙂

Night Y’all. X

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