What ever the weather…..

We drove down to the coast late last night and had supper before going to our boat bed. Pete sleeps the best here. we were really excited at the weather forecast of a great day ahead and time to go out and be free for the weekend – stress free. We were wokemn by rain and then the forecast on tv was plenty of sunshine except a few spots of rain here and there. How can they get it so wrong?! pete made a snap decision there and then and before I knew it we were packed up going home for Pete to go back to work. He said he had too much work on and was feeling very stressed by it all so couldnt afford the time to simply just sit around. I know what he menas but I really think the best for him woudl be to have some time off. The pressure of finding money to take me to Germany can be immense. We are not made of money. It all comes from hard graft and running his own business is tough to say the least in todays climate.

I have spent all day looking at forecasts and I cannot help look at what the weather like back down on the coast. It’s like chasing the sun. I had hoped pete would finish work early then maybe we would head down there again but one things leads to another and in fact he now will be late home from work. Bless him. The weather here hasn’t improved and to be honest i have been left feeling quite down about it. I understand pete’s need for sunshine especially as it’s been lovely all week. What to do though? Stay here or go to the coast. Guaranteed the weather will be better where we are not. Pete calls him ‘lucky’. Ironic eh?

To be honest I could really do with just lying down and dooing nothing. I want to eat. Comfort eat and I want him to come home. When today is over the better it will be then we can hope for a bright long weekend like last weekend. Fingers crossed it is great for my Bear.

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