What’s really important in life?

So I’m packed and ready for yet another holiday as everyone keeps reminding me. It may seem we are away on holiday a lot but not so. We have only a few days to a week away at a time unlike others that have a whole two weeks off work! And bearing in mind we are away in Germany often but that is not out of fun.  Even though I love travelling I actually have this longing to stay at home this time. It hasn’t helped seeing the weather forecast for our destination. It’s going to be rainy apparently. I normally wouldn’t mind as there will be plenty to do plus I will be away with my man. But I really love the day times there and all I want to do is sit in the warm September sun.

Life is funny isn’t it? Are we ever truly happy with what we have? I think I love being at home because I feel safe here. I know I can manage my diet without any distractions and I love my ‘spaces’ in my house. We spend all our evenings in the snug and I love my meditation area in the lounge. I clearly love my bedroom as that is where my bed is!

But there I go again worrying about the future. What will the weather be like? What if it’s rainy? And so on. The most important lesson any of us can learn is that today is more important than anything.

It’s like we all plan for the next experience and then the next. Nothing is ever good enough anymore. I have noticed it’s harder to arrange to see friends these days as everyone has so much booked in their diaries months in advance! I wonder if we are all so uncomfortable in ourselves that by constantly planning and doing we ignore the scary truth that is within us. I have always wondered though what would I do if I didn’t have something to work to or look forward to? The reason we work hard is to have nice things and nice times. It doesn’t define me but it really does make you think what’s really important. I am just happy to be with my Bear. He deserves to have a relaxing time away. We love meeting new people and always do when we are in Ibiza.

I think maybe I am nervous. Yes that’s what it is. I am nervous about leaving my nest.. and my kitty and my work and my home comforts .. and my bed………… Is that a bit sad?

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