When God was giving out patience I must have missed my place in the queue whilst going for a wee!

I had a CT scan today. The purpose of this was ‘ to see how big the cancer has got’.  I have to admit I have been dreading it.. well more so the results. In my head I believe there isn’t anything in there especially as I feel so well. The consultant wants to know what we are dealing with when we decide the next move from the NHS. I won’t be getting the results for weeks. The best I can hope for is that it hasn’t grown much. I have to be patient and as good friend told me when God was giving out patience I must have missed my place in the queue whilst going for a wee! 🙂 ha ha!

I also had a call today from a clinical trials doctor from the Churchill hospital. He said he had results for me from the tests that they have done on my tumour which they removed in February. They were looking for common mutations  for example one called PIK338 mutation which is one of the ways in which cancer gets activated and BRAF mutationwhich can be a way that drives the cancer. The results say that my tumour doesn’t have any mutations. That means the trials they thought I may be eligible for, I now am not. So that leads them onto another trial. It comprises of combining two well known chemotherapy drugs used at the same time as well using a new drug which is essentially the trial. He called it a ‘facing’ study. I asked if they could trial it on the tumour instead of on me, to see if would respond. The doctor told me that it isn’t possible as the results would be false as the cancer reacts differently outside of the body as it would inside. The trial would mean lots of tests and having to visit them weekly and then having one of the chemo drugs every three weeks intravenously, then having the other chemo drug by tablet 2 weeks out of 3, then having the new drug on top of that. I asked how many other people hvae embarked on the trial so far.. 5 nationwide…….. all with different cancers. Ok, right now this isn’t seeming too exciting nor appealing. But I will go to the hospital to meet them on Thursday to get the information sheet.

This evening my hubby is working his magic in the kitchen. He is getting to grips with the vegan diet and ingredients. Tonights ingredient- Quinoa. Mmmm smells good!

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