Why do we wait? Life is for living….

It feels like forever… I have been away for just over two weeks. The longest I have been away with my Bear. We decided that we would have a once in a lifetime time trip. You tend to start making those decisions when you are living life on the edge. But why do we wait?
We have had a wonderful time travelling around California and Nevada seeing sights I never anticipated seeing; good and bad, and taking in the most breathtaking views and wildlife. It really was a trip of a lifetime. Now we are home and trying to get back to a normal routine. Jet lag hasn’t hit us too hard yet but I do feel a little sketchy.
We got plenty of warmth and sunshine as they were having unseasonably hot weather. My bald head is suitably brown. Along the way we met people who had canSer or had recovered from it. So many people didn’t know how to deal with a bald headed girl. Many, I think, thought it was out of choice. Pete overheard two teenagers passing me whilst walking on a trail to a waterfall. (I say walking but it was more like climbing and puffing and panting my way up a ‘strenuous and steep trail’ not an easy one as the tourist info guide had told us! Still, it was a challenge and I completed it!) The kids said, ‘Wow did you see that ladies bald head?’ The other said, ‘Yeah man, it looked way cool’ Ha ha.
My mind is buzzing and I need to look back at photographs to remember everything we did. It is such a blur! Pete drove in some scary conditions sometimes in mental traffic and other times on cliff edges and with sheer drops. We saw what felt like the top of the world and miles of desert and mountains in Death Valley, Sequoia trees in Yosemite, elephant seals and whales close up on the Pacific Coastal Highway and met Matt Baker filming The Big Blue Live (Oh and plague chipmunks!.. Long story) We stayed in the hotel that the movie Pretty Woman was filmed and was given a bottle of champagne by a stewardess on our flight home for being such a lovely couple….It really was the best trip ever.
But now I am sitting here and having done the washing, mowed the lawn and had our first night back in our own bed feel more grateful than ever. Pete returned to work as soon as we got back and didn’t stop whilst we were away.
How do I feel? I had some ups and downs whilst away but nothing that hindered the trip. I am eating heartily now and couldn’t believe how much rubbish there was to eat in the US let alone the quantity they serve. We dreamed of salads and vegetables and thankfully managed to get some eventually. One store we went in was wall to wall processed rubbish food. We craved fresh wholesome food. And they wonder why there is an obesity and heart disease epidemic over there. When I trained with the Integrative Institute of Nutrition last year to become a health coach I didn’t realise how bad it has become there. It’s scary….
The best part of the trip was alone time with my man! But as you know already, I love being home even though it needs cleaning, dusting and so much ironing needs to be done! With all of its imperfections and jobs that need to be done to stop the damp in one room, decorating in others, I love it here. It’s good to get back to routine and being away gives one time to feel like you are starting a fresh.
I have more trips coming up for treatment. I have Dr Nesselhut and Professor Vogl booked this month again. The pain in my ribs is still there but has moved. Some days are good and some are bad. Trying to walk the steep trail in Yosemite was really hard on my lungs because of the pain in my ribs but it has improved. I can sneeze without wanting to die now! Ha ha… My appetite is pretty good and I have put on weight, much to Pete’s relief. The day we were leaving I was being sick at the airport due to the TACE. I don’t know why it affects me when other chemos didn’t, especially as it’s such a low dose. I don’t know what my bloods are like at the moment but I haven’t felt any light headedness for a while and feel quite strong in myself. I also have no sensations in my head and haven’t had any migraines for some time.
On the whole things seem pretty good. I have a busy calendar coming up so things to work for and look forward to. It makes life exciting.
I say, don’t wait to have that holiday of a lifetime or put off doing that thing you have always wanted to… Do it now; it gives drive and fulfilment and hope. It’s hard to believe that it has been five years since my first ever diagnosis with triple negative breast cancer. I still have cancer but I am well. One thing has changed though since then. I have a much better life now than I did back then. There is so much love surrounding me. Life has not been bad to me but it just keeps getting better.
It’s good to be back…..11953253_10153104364882061_2717827519881860373_n 10997991_10153106526952061_3574953599015447253_n 11986367_10153106526622061_192145067533916112_n

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